Jun 17

Melita Cone, Moka Pot & French Press

Melita Cone

Wet the filter before use and put one coffee scoop per cup plus one, pour water in circular pattern and stir once you have a nice cupcake like bloom happening (just don’t tear the filter).

I like to make the Melita into a preheated thermos if making more than one cup. Again rinsing the cone with hot water only ;will spare you from soap residue and chemical taste.

Moka Pot (for stove top espresso)

Please never let your Moka pot stay on the lit burner with no water… you will wake up eventually, to the smell of burning plastic (this will be either your gasket or the handle) and not only will you be a bit late for work …your morning will be coffee-less… and your gasket will be ruined!

when you first get your Moka pot (spend more and get the stainless steel one) get at least 3-6 of the specific sized gasket for yours…. you will eventually need one or a friend will!

Everyone is different ; i prefer to only rinse everything used to make my coffee with warm/hot water and i only use soap on the cups and mugs.

French Press

If you are going to keep the OOh-La-La going in your life and save some bucks at the same time ; just decide to trust me and ( wait for a sale if you have to ) get this one the Bodum Columbia double wall 8 cup .We have had ours 15 + years all others ( even my Lexan one i got for the motorcycle appeal) have met their demise usually by meeting the faucet while cleaning ; glass is elegant on the dinner table ….not so much when its in shards in your sink .I have had a plastic travel press for same amount of time , would still prefer metal for pre-heatability.

Next pre-heat your press then pour this same water out to pre-heat your cups/mugs. Add one coffee scoop per cup to your press , then one extra for fun ; pour in your hot water ( boil and wait a minute or bring to 90 degrees Celsius + or -) add half your water, stir ;add remaining water, install plunger ( just like hanging a favorite picture from your latest tropical adventure…plum & Level )- the plunger should be oriented with the plunger vertically plum and the screen level . If not, you can break the plunger at the point where the rod and screen are fastened together .Then wait 3-4 minutes . pour into your preheated cups or thermos and enjoy!