Jun 23

Espresso Machine Cleaning Hacks

Keep your stainless steel coachwork looking great. Just need a clean short-nap washcloth (lighter color will give you type-A people a good sense of progress). Wet the washcloth with water from your hot water tap, wipe your machines metal clean, going with the grain of the metal, then dry off. Sustainable, lower overhead way to clean.

Same system for cleaning your group head tips. You just have to take one of the washcloths and bunch it up to a point, wet with hot water, tap and press into the group seal ring of the group head. Push completely around as you would with the group brush. 3 or 4 times should be enough, or until the washrag comes out clean. Cycle group for a second or 2 (with no ports filter in place), then clean off group shower screen.