See What People Are Saying

Well we have reached our last pound, as I watched the grinder toss and grind away our very last bean, tears began to roll down my face. I began to think about that small, yet remarkably invigorating coffee house, Crossroad Cafe. We have reached our own crossroads and wondering if I should send in a squad of Marines to retrieve our 50 lbs of coffee bean. Of course the thought of a political controversy that rises with sending in the Marines, quickly negates the scheme conceived in my mind. So instead I will trade you one of my children for 50 lbs of coffee. He will work, free of a charge for one year and you wont have to feed him much, just throw him crumbs from the table. If this does not interest you,I can send 10 Mexicans and 4 cows, 1 goat and I will throw in a local Mayan.
Well I guess since that might not work for you either, PLEASE KIDNAP A SUITCASE FROM A TOURIST AND SEND US SOME COFFEE PPLLLEEEAASSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We are desperate and the thought of American coffee touching our palate is absolutely nauseating. So if you love us and do not want to see your friends and faithful customers suffer through this tragic loss, SEND THE COFFEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Alex & Evette

Everyone has a favorite place to go for coffee in the morning or afternoon. I consider this to be my favorite place in all of Central America (perhaps the world) for a coffee stop in the morning or late afternoon. Other places may make a better coffee or may have more types of sweets, but this place has it all including a barista who makes every customer feel like a long lost friend. Many customers who are vacationing in Panajachel will be seen at Cross Roads Cafe every day. It is as if we need our cup of Guatemalan coffee, cinnamon role and interaction with others in order to make the day complete.

I like to compare Mike (the owner) and Cross Roads Cafe with the famous Rick of the classic movie Casablanca. In the movie Rick knew everything that was going on in the city and his bar was where all the ex-pats and travelers passed. At Mike’s Cross Roads Cafe anything of import is discussed as well as humorous banter about world locations, people and life. If it happens in Panajachel it happens at Mikes. And, just like the movie Casablanca, every ex-pat, tourist and traveler will make their way into and out of the tiny, packed coffee house where Mike makes the brew and tosses out friendly jibes and smiles.

If you are lucky and the place isn’t too crowded Mike will take you into his secret room where you can see where he roasts the coffee. There is something special about getting a tour of the private room. It is like being inducted into a fraternity or a social network where you can proudly claim, “I’ve BEAN to the back room.” Hint: Buy a few pounds of coffee to take home with you and you will get your cup of coffee for free. Yep, Mike will give you your cup of coffee for free when you buy a pound to take home with you. Suggestion: Ask Mike what he suggests for a quality blend based on your style and preference of drinking and he will put the beans together for you. You will arrive at Mike’s Cross Roads Cafe as a traveler and leave a friend. My guess is that you will feel compelled to return the next day for one more coffee and sweet treat. Here’s looking at you kid.

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