Jun 17

French Press

If you are going to keep the OOh-La-La going in your life and save some bucks at the same time ; just decide to trust me and ( wait for a sale if you have to ) get this one the Bodum Columbia double wall 8 cup .We have had ours 15 + years all others ( even my Lexan one i got for the motorcycle appeal) have met their demise usually by meeting the faucet while cleaning ; glass is elegant on the dinner table ….not so much when its in shards in your sink .I have had a plastic travel press for same amount of time , would still prefer metal for pre-heatability.

Next pre-heat your press then pour this same water out to pre-heat your cups/mugs. Add one coffee scoop per cup to your press , then one extra for fun ; pour in your hot water ( boil and wait a minute or bring to 90 degrees Celsius + or -) add half your water, stir ;add remaining water, install plunger ( just like hanging a favorite picture from your latest tropical adventure…plum & Level )- the plunger should be oriented with the plunger vertically plum and the screen level . If not, you can break the plunger at the point where the rod and screen are fastened together .Then wait 3-4 minutes . pour into your preheated cups or thermos and enjoy!