Solidly built, luxury home on one acre of hillside. Conveniently located on the outskirts of Panajachel.

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A Chapter Ending. January 2020.

Our family’s adventure started twenty years ago when we drove down to Guatemala with our two daughters in the flagship Toyota van. Many of you shared the first chapters of the story and all the plots and twists in between. It certainly has been a page turner full of desperate crises and disasters, beautiful friendships, and timely divine Providences. Two years ago we asked God to start leading us toward a conclusion of our Guatemalan chapter. We put our business and house on the market, and started dreaming of moving back to South Africa to be closer to family primarily, but also to get into a slower, less intense work rhythm. 

After several negotiations with prospective buyers for the coffee shop that didn’t pan out, and careful considerations of our options, we recently decided to keep running Crossroads only till all our current inventory is sold. This will free us up to slow down and simplify, in order to creatively think about our next steps. 

As we expect our inventory of beans could last until July, keep this in mind if you are wanting to get some of the best of Guatemala’s coffee as roasted by Michael. You can go here to make an order.

After we close the shop and while we wait for our house to sell, we are considering promoting our home as a boutique retreat center, bed&breakfast, and we could host coffee tours/experiences around the lake. If you are planning to come to Guatemala in July or beyond, please keep us and our place in mind as a possibility for your stay or adventures here.  

It gives us tremendous peace to remember our Father has our lives in His hands, because till now the door has not opened for us to pull out the tent pegs. It’s like we are standing as children by His side on the sidewalk of a busy street, wanting to cross over, but He holds up His hand as His eyes scan in both directions. When He sees the gap, He’ll grab our hands and we will gun it across!